Call Paper RIIT 2019 (Click for pdf format)  

       The 7th IEEE International Conference on Robotics, Informatics, and Intelligence control Technology (RIIT2019) will hold at Rama Gardens Hotel, Bangkok, Thailand on 13- 15 December 2019. Paper are solicited in all related areas in an Intelligence Automation Control, Robotics Control, Mechatronics and their application, Computer Network, Information Technologies, Modern Production and Manufacturing System, Computer Control System, Simulation Modeling Systems (including Information management, Industrial Management, Information for manufacturing, Logistic and Supply Change. Proposals for tutorials and workshops, as well as organized/special sessions are also welcome to address the emerging areas and innovative applications of new technologies.
       The conference meeting will be solicited in all related areas in an automation control fields, Robotics, Informatics, and Intelligence control such as Automation Control and Manufacturing System. This will be their increasing diversity that to be emphasized the necessity of managing the co-existence of modern informatics technologies within in intelligence technology and management scheme for human support. This will offer an excellent networking opportunity for those working in world industrial based sector. They can meet their colleagues, as well as members of the international research organization of such a large and important meeting (around 100 participates are expected). On the other hand we believe that this event is a perfect and unique opportunity for you to present your organization and to make new contacts in order to increase our academic quality with expertise in these field and we are confident that you have many experiences with the true mission for international research collaboration sharing. We would like to invite you to participate our RIIT2019 conference.
       Acceptance of the submitted paper will be based on all kinds of reviewers as double-blind and non-blind reviewing. This will be necessary conditions on full papers or extended abstracts. All of paper will be selected and invited to adapt their papers for publication in one of these two International Journals such as. (1). International Journal of Advance Mechatronics and Intelligence Control (JAMIC) and (2). Frontiers International Journal in (ICT) This will also be evaluated as based on the three kinds of reviewing. The conference will be also feature in the followed topics.

Prof.Lakmal Seneviratne

Prof.Hiroaki Muraoka

Prof.Ray A. Jarvis

Prof.Paulo JDsBartolo 

Prof.Matthew Angling 

Prof.Ogenyi E. Omar 

Prof.Sarat Saharia 

Prof.Samir I. Shaheen 

Prof.Wenbin Luo

Prof.Peter Stanchev

Prof.Guy De Tré

Prof.David Barton

Prof.Constantinos Soutis

Prof.Nicola Ivan Giannoccaro

Prof.Pinhas Ben-Tzvi

Prof.M.Taymoor Nazmy

Prof.Jiying Zhao 

Prof.Camillo Jose Taylor 

Prof.Maria Ines Valla 

Prof.Tarek M. Sobh

Prof.Oleg Sokolsky

Prof.Rodney Brooks

Prof.LEUNG, Yiu Wing 

Prof.Wen-Jyi Hwang 

Prof.Kitt Tientanopajai 

Prof.Lafifa Jamal 

Prof.Poranat Visuwan

Prof.Hiroaki Muraoka 

Prof.Alireza Bab-Hadiashar 

Prof.Yusuke Hioka

Prof.Ping Yu

Prof.Iven Mareels

Prof.Maumita Bhattacharya

Prof.Berj L. Bardakjian

Prof.Claude D'Amours 

Prof.Stephen Alstrup 

Prof.Petri Myllymäki 

Prof.J.T. Jeuring

Prof.Anton Pijpers

Prof.Christopher Berndt

Prof.Jinchuan Zheng 

Prof.Pavlos Paleologou

Prof.Lawrence Gu

Prof.Benjamin Grewe 

Prof.Luca Benini

Assoc. Prof.Metha Sirigool

Khalifa University, Abu Dhabi, UAE

Tohoku University, Japan

Monash University, Australia

University of Manchester, UK

Birmingham University, UK

University of Hertfordshire, UK

Tezpur University, India

Cairo University, Egypt

St. Mary's University, USA

Kettering University, USA

Ghent University, Belgium

University of Leeds, UK

University of Manchester, UK

University of Salento, Italy

College of Engineering, VirginiaTech, USA

Ain Shams University, Egypt

University of Ottawa, Canada

University of Pennsylvania, USA

National University of La Plata, Argentina

University of Bridgeport, USA

University of Pennsylvania, USA

Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA

Hong Kong Baptist University, Hong Kong

National Taiwan Normal University, Taiwan

Khonkaen University, Thailand

University of Dhaka, Bangladesh

Kasetsart University, Thailand

Tohoku University, Japan

RMIT University, Australia

University of Auckland, Newzealand

University of Wollongong, Australia

University of Melbourne, Australia

Charles Sturt university, Australia

University of Toronto, Ontario, Canada

University of Ottawa, Ottawa, Canada

University of Copenhagen, Denmark

University of Helsinki, Finland

Utrecht University, Netherlands

Utrecht University, Netherlands

Swinburne University of Technology, Australia

Swinburne University of Technology, Australia

British Columbia Institute of Technology, Canada

British Columbia Institute of Technology, Canada

Eidgenössische Technische Hochschule, Switzerland

Eidgenössische Technische Hochschule, Switzerland

Rajamangala University of Technology, Thailand

T1. Software Engineering and Software Development :  
Development/Software Architecture, Artificial Intelligent, Software processes, Software reliability, Software Development Life cycle, Data Stream Processing.

T2. Advanced Control Systems, and Intelligent Control : 
Microprocessor-based control, Estimation & System Identification, Intelligent Control System, Signal Control System, Nonlinear & Adaptive control, Systems modeling & Simulation control, Real-time computer control.

T3. Power Electronics and Electrical Drives Technology: 
Power electronic device & system, Integrated power electronics, Distributed power system, Electrical vehicles and trains, Electric machines reliability & application, Automation drives control, Autonomous vehicle application.

T4. Sensors, Actuators and Systems Integration : 
Intelligent sensors and actuators, multi-sensor fusion, Sensor array & Multi-channel processing, Microsensors & Micro-actuators, Instrumentation Electronics, Wireless sensor, Distributed Sensor Networks, Intelligent Sensor Application.

T5. Signal and Image Processing : 
Digital signal implementation, Speech Signal processing, Image analysis processing, Virtual reality & Computer vision, Real-time multimedia signal processing, Image and multi-dimensional processing, Emerging signal processing areas.

T6. Industrial Informatics and Mass-Storage Technology: 
Bio-Informatics, Real-time information systems, human-machine interfaces, Industrial communications, Flexible manufacturing systems, industrial automated process, Electronic transceiver device industries, Power plant automation.

T7. Mechatronics, Robotics, and their applications : 
Mechatronic systems, Industrial & Service robots, Tele-robotics & teleoperation, Bio-robotics, Multi-robot systems, Humanoid robots, Reconfiguration robots, Surgery &  Medicine Robot, Underwater Robots, Security Robot, Manipulator/Mobile Robot, Search & Rescue Robots, Micro/Nano Robotics.

T8. Information Technology, Management and their application: 
Management information systems, Applied Business & E-Commerce, Data Retrieval & Database Management, Data Mining & Data fusion, Information processing, Computer-based information system, Information systems & applications.

T9. Production and Manufacturing System : 
Manufacturing system, Production planning, Project management, Quality control & management, Factory & Process automation, Instrumentation and controls, Reliability & maintenance engineering, CAD/CAM/CAT/CIM application.

T10. Communication/Computer Network Application :
Wireless and Telecommunication systems, Communication application, Navigation and Guidance, Vision-based applications, Speech interface, Networking theory and technologies, Network & Remote Sensing..

T11. Logistics Technology and Intelligent Transportation Application :
Transportation information, Infrastructure to support intelligent transportation systems, Supply Chain Management, Logistics applications. Infrastructure & Intelligent transportation systems, ICT and banking system.

T12. Digital Economy and GIS Application:
Digital platform technology, Application Programming Interface (API) market place, Digital Entrepreneur, Digital business analytics, Digital for society & knowledge resource, Open service platform, Cloud computing service, Soft/Hard/Service infrastructure development, Broadcast & their Convergence.

T13. Artificial Intelligent, and Innovation Technology :
AI in Industrial applications, Neural Network & Fuzzy Logic algorithms, Neuro-Fuzzy application, Optical Recognition, Pattern Recognition, Voice Recognition, Knowledge based system management, Service innovation and management.

T14. Advance Computing, Network, and their application :
On-board diagnostics, Active safety system, Internet applications & performances, Mobile networks & services, Network management Services, Grid Computing, Cloud Computing, Parallel Computing, Broadband & Intelligent networks, Facilities planning and management, Security and risk management.

T15. Cyber Surveillance Security, Threats, Defense :
Cyber-Vision CCTV, Cyber-watch Security, Mobile & Network security, Mobile secure gateway (MSG), Secure operating systems, Access Control Systems, Intrusion detection & prevention system, Multi-factor authentication, Cybersecurity assures protection, Cyber Surveillance & Security applications, Information and data security. 

T16. Internet of Things and Embedded System :
IoT Security, Fog Computing, Complex Event Processing (CEP), IoT and Social Networks (Social IoT), IoT and Open Data, Smart City, Smart Device, Energy Management, Embedded Applications. Embedded Computing, Embedded Intelligence, Embedded Memory Architectures, Fail-safe Systems.


However, these topics are not limited to other related fields.

Important Date   
Full Paper Submission: November 4, 2019
Notification of Acceptance : November 18, 2019
Conference Invited Letter   : November 19, 2019
Post the conference information and Accomodation: November 19, 2019
Camera-ready manuscripts : November 22, 2019
Early-bird Registration and Payment : November 22, 2019
Conference and Exhibition : December 13-15, 2019  

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 Important Date   
Full Paper Submission:November 4, 2019
Notification of Acceptance : November 18, 2019
Conference Invited Letter   : November 19, 2019
Post the conference information and Accomodation: November 19, 2019
Camera-ready manuscripts : November 22, 2019
Early-bird Registration and Payment : November 22, 2019
Conference and Exhibition : December 13-15, 2019